Innovative methodology based around the education system.

ePublishing – From Lessons to Lesson plans, we work closely with our affiliated schools and teachers to ensure that the students do not have to struggle in understanding the topics.

Product Development

E-learning has become an extremely popular way for students to learn new material at school. With the help of our tailored learning paths, students stay on track with greater ease. The educational guides, built step-by-step can be effortlessly divided into chapters and sequences, each containing practical exercises, tests, games and more, along with alerts for new assignments as well as notifying teachers to completed assignments.

Making eLearning fun and far-reaching, our developers use 2D and 3D graphics, bringing the lessons to life. With the aid of inbuilt tools for discussion, personal messages and calendar integration, as well as instructor-led training events, the lessons become simply un-missable.

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